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Guests 2/6
Neighbourhoods: A City In Development

A discussion
Wednesday, November 13, 2013, 7 pm

In the year prior to its official opening, the KINDL – Centre for Contemporary Art is launching the event series Guests as a way to open, test and animate individual spaces of the former brewery. With a sense of its own implication in urban development and sociology the second evening in the series is dedicated to the theme “Neighbourhoods: A City in Development”.

A discussion with:
Axel Timm, raumlabor berlin
Cordelia Polinna, Center for Metropolitan Studies/TU Berlin, Think Berl!n
Thibaut de Ruyter, art and architecture critic 
Moderated by: Peter Schiering, art journalist (TV), executive of SALON NEUCOLOGNE e.V.

Discussion in German 
Free entry
Location: Trafozentrale

Who owns the city? With whom do I share the city? Where shall I live? These are questions that are asked internationally in every city, but in Berlin they are currently expressed with a particular sense of urgency. Seven of Berlin’s districts recently commissioned independent studies on the potential for new housing development, and Neukölln just published theirs. After extended political quarrels the Senate of Berlin finally cancelled the means to realise the Berlin International Architecture Exhibition 2020 (IBA), which would have provided a platform for discussing important issues regarding housing and neighbourhood development. Former industrial sites such as the Bötzobrauerei or the Fahrbereitschaft Lichtenberg are transformed into spaces for art and culture. The discussion will focus less on a desire to portray the current conditions and more on potential future visions – utopian ideas included. Here, Berlin becomes a starting point for more generally urgent questions: how do we want to live? What's next? What role do architectural and cultural neighbourhoods play? How can an “art space” become involved? What are the potentials of abandoned and deserted spaces?


KINDL – Centre for Contemporary Art
Am Sudhaus 2, 12053 Berlin