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Guests 3/6
The Kindl Brewery and Neukölln: History and Stories

Two lectures 
Tuesday, February 18, 2013, 7 pm

In the year prior to its official opening, the KINDL – Centre for Contemporary Art already runs the event series Guests as a way to open, test and animate selected spaces of the former brewery. The third iteration of the series examines the history and stories around the site.

With lectures by:
Matthias Gerlitzki, Gastronomy Distributor, Radeberger Gruppe 
Dr. Rainer Pomp, Historian, Berlin

More than 140 years ago the Kindl Brewery in Berlin was founded as „Vereinsbrauerei Rixdorf“ in today’s Neukölln. The transition into the twentieth century marked the beginning of an accelerated trajectory, in which the brewery developed to one of the city’s most successful breweries and Rixdorf's pulsating entertainment hub grew into the district of Neukölln.

Lectures in German
Free entry
Location: Privatbrauerei am Rollberg (Am Sudhaus 3, 12053 Berlin)


KINDL – Centre for Contemporary Art
Am Sudhaus 2, 12053 Berlin