Kitfox Experimental 
Roman Signer
September 14, 2014 – June 28, 2015

KINDL – Centre for Contemporary Art is now opening its first exhibition space in the Boiler House of the former brewery complex in Neukölln. 
The impressive, almost 20-meter high Boiler House is ready to go, and KINDL is kicking off with a bang, with Kitfox Experimental, a site-specific installation by Roman Signer. Large-scale refurbishing of the Brew House and the Power House is still under way – here a café and exhibition spaces on three levels for temporary exhibitions of international contemporary art are in the making. A site-specific work for the Boiler House, one monographic and one thematic exhibition in the 1,200 m2 space of the Power House will be on show simultaneously.

News about Refurbishment
Since November 2014, architects Dr. Krekeler & Partner have been responsible for the reconstruction plans. An inventory of work completed to date has shown that refurbishing and extending these listed buildings will be far more demanding than originally thought. The architects’ new schedule envisages completing the Power House and its three exhibition levels and the new east facade by spring 2016. Around the same time, the Brew House with the future café König Otto will open for business. Renovation of the Tower has been postponed for the time being.

 Roman Signer, Kitfox Experimental, 2014

Roman Signer, Kitfox Experimental, 2014


KINDL – Centre for Contemporary Art
Am Sudhaus 2, 12053 Berlin