NETZFEMINISMUS by Annekathrin Kohout

Book presentation

Tuesday, 4 June 2019, 7 pm in the SUDHAUS, free admission (in German)

Editor and author Annekathrin Kohout in conversation with Kathrin Weßling (author, social media specialist and online journalist).
Moderation: René Aguigah (Deutschlandfunk Kultur)

What does blue dyed armpit hair mean? And what is the symbolism behind halved citrus fruits? 
In her recently published book NETZFEMINISMUS, the author Annekathrin Kohout examines strategies of female image politics. 

Technological change has given images a tremendous amount of significance. The fact that they are easier than ever to produce and spread not only leads to the much-cited “flood of images”, but also lends images additional functions. For the first time, people can communicate with images as naturally as with spoken or written language. The “iconic turn” proclaimed years ago has become reality.

The series DIGITALE BILDKULTUREN published by Wagenbach discusses the most important new forms and uses of images and places them in their cultural-historical context.

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