Signers Koffer
On the Way with the Artist Roman Signer
A film about Roman Signer
Tuesday, 28 April 2015, 8 pm

Director Peter Liechti follows Swiss artist Roman Signer from the Swiss Alps to Eastern Poland, from Stromboli to Iceland. Signer works with water, fire, earth, and air, as well as with fuses, gunpowder, rubber boots, caps, skyrockets, balloons, stools, ribbons, and small tables. He shoots red ribbons over Stromboli to see how they withstand the heat, or blows up kitchen stools from a disused hotel. His finely tuned and deceptively simple "time sculptures" consider very existential issues with a complete lack of pathos.
Directed by Peter Liechti, CH 1996, 80 min, Swiss original version with German subtitles

Boiler House
Free admission