Tanz im August at the KINDL

9 – 11 August 2019, 10 am – 6 pm

Par B.L.eux / Benoît Lachambre & Sophie Corriveau: Fluid Grounds
Hiroaki Umeda: Haptic Installation

Par B.L.eux / Benoît Lachambre & Sophie Corriveau
Fluid Grounds

German premiere
Admission possible at any time, no seating
Admission 15 € / Discount 10 € / Children and Teenagers up to the age of 14 years 5 € (plus fee), Family Friendly

In Fluid Grounds Benoît Lachambre and Sophie Corriveau perform a playful, poetic act of resonance: five dancers explore the space by measuring and marking the walls and floor with coloured tape. In this eight-hour durational performance they sketch out a constantly changing theatrical cartography, creating a network of paths that links memories and sets off choreographic impulses – which are also influenced by the movements of visitors. A fascinating landscape emerges, a colourful sculpture as the souvenir of an encounter. For further information and tickets, please see www.tanzimaugust.de .

Hiroaki Umeda
Haptic Installation

German premiere
Installation for one spectator, duration 2:30 minutes, Admission free, Please note: Strobe lights

Hiroaki Umeda invites the audience to undergo an unfamiliar sensory experience: in his video work Haptic Installation images are projected onto the closed eyes of visitors in a darkened space. Light is a part of dance for the Japanese choreographer and multidisciplinary artist, who combines digital images, minimalist sounds and strong physicality in his work. And so he gives viewers the paradoxical experience of perceiving colours physically and seeing choreography with closed eyes. For further information please see www.tanzimaugust.de .

10. and 11. August 2019, 10 am – 1 pm / Workshop with Hiroaki Umeda / Tanzfabrik Berlin / information and registration www.tanzfabrik-berlin.de